Cable pads - PVC pipes

Cable pads - PVC pipes

The most common cable pads are PVC tubs provided by a neck. They are used as cable protectors to protect and guide cables in power industry and telecommunication.        

They are provided with rubber blade seals. They provide watertight joints, bends or fittings can be used in the assortment of sewer pipes. PVC protectors are provided with a neck which makes it easy to connect them. They are manufactured in three load classes for different load environments. Their spectrum of application is wide. They can be laid freely in the trench, poured into a concrete mixture (e.g. when tunnels are built) or can be pushed under the road, rail, etc.


They are made of PVC extrusion, pipes conform to EN 31386-24 and DIN 16875 standards. When there is a requirement of their fixed connection, the pads can be glued in the neck with a conventional PVC adhesive. In this case, tubes with a neck for gluing are used.

The main advantages of PVC pads especially include:        

  • very good mechanical resistance,
  • self-extinguishing (it burns only with direct flame)
  • choice of length
  • watertight connection
  • minimal requirements for the preparation of the base in the trench
  • possibility of reuse of the material from the trench for covering
  • variability of the use of pads as required by the investor and the designer
  • fast and simple installation - connection to the plastic chambers system
  • circular profile of the pad allows easier retraction of the installed cables

For conduit pipes to the concrete shafts, we provide a customized production of passages according to the number of pipes and the strength of the shaft wall. The passage is installed on the fitting before the concreting begins.