Snowfall Velké Karlovice

Snowfall Velké Karlovice

Name of the investor: SYNOT REAL ESTATE, a.s., Sokolovská 541, 180 00 Praha 8

Name of the company: KERS spol. s r.o., Čejkovice 9, 506 01 Jíčín

Period and location of realization: the area of the Kyčerka - Velké Karlovice ski area

Year: 2009

CWS product specification: ZEKAN cable trays 1Název realizační firmy: KERS spol. s r.o., Čejkovice 9, 506 01 Jíčín

Brief description of event:

Installation of power cables for powering snowmaking systems, pavement lighting and / radio.

Reasons for using ZEKAN cable trays:

  • installation speed (easy fit of large diameter cables),
  • 6 times higher load capacity of the troughs than corrugated tubes,
  • sufficient protection even without the use of sand bed or sown soil,
  • thanks to the lock ensuring the compactness of the entire route,
  • anchoring of cables or chutes with special anchors.