Injected products

Injected products

Plastics injection is a method of forming a plastic granulate which is injected at high velocity into the closed mold cavity by means of a pressure chamber. Here the plastic hardens and the final product is created. These products are characterized by a very good dimensional and shape precision with the possibility of high reproducibility of mechanical and physical properties.        

Protection of ducts and poles with covers

Plastic pipe covers are designed to terminate the lead or lead pipes when the cable is drawn. This prevents the drainage of water into the pad and then into the distribution box. Covers resist outdoor weathering and they are provided with a stainless steel fastener.

Cover of the plastic tubes outlet dia. 50-63mm

Cover of the plastic tubes outlet dia . 60-90mm



Plastic mouthpieces under the insulators are used to install ceramic insulators on the fittings. They serve as an insert for screwing the insulator onto a metal fitting.

Plastic mouthpiece under insulator dia. 16 mm

Plastic mouthpiece under insulator dia.  20 mm