ZEKAN channels

ZEKAN channels

ZEKAN earth cable channels have been developed as a replacement for concrete channels.        

ZEKAN earth cable channels have been developed as a replacement for concrete channels and are used to lay cables and cable pads in a ground where they provide protection against mechanical damage. They have a wide field of application in various industries and construction industries, especially in the power industry, telecommunications and railway corridors.


Their final design, shape and dimensions are the result of long-term development and consultation with the assembly departments of the companies using these channels. Their advantage is low weight, easy handling and workability with conventional metal and wood tools. Their mechanical strength is comparable to the strength of concrete channels.


They are manufactured by extrusion to ensure product compactness and dimensional accuracy (molten material flows continuously and is cooled in several calibrators in the cooling unit). Due to the low weight, transport, transhipment and unloading costs are considerably more economical. When using these channels, it is possible to re-access the wiring and possibly add, repair, or replace it.

Width a
Height b
Thickness c
Weight 1m/kg*
Pallet quantity
Zekan 1
100 mm
100 mm
5 mm
3,7 kg
140 m
Zekan 2
120 mm
100 mm
4 mm
3,0 kg112 m
Zekan 3
130 mm
140 mm
5 mm
4,5 kg
84 m
Zekan 4
200 mm
125 mm
5 mm
5,5 kg
70 m

* - weight is indicative

Troughs material : Polyvinyl chloride (PVC – RE)
Channel weight:+- weight is indicative
Operating temperature : -30 °C ÷ + 60 °C
Storage temperature : -25 °C ÷ + 70 °C
Montage temperature : -5 °C ÷ + 50 °C
Color : Shades of grey
Guaranteed material lifetime : 50 years
Ecological disposal : Recycling