Connection of DG to SEPS Sučany

Connection of DG to SEPS Sučany

Name of the investor: Pow - en a.s., Plynárenská 1, 821 01 Bratislava

Name of the implementing company: Pemax plus with r.o., Kostiviarska 4949, 974 01 Banská Bystrica

Period and location of implementation: Transformer and switchgear Sučany, Martin

Year: 2009

CWS product specification: Cable trays Zekan 4


Brief description of the event:

The actual realization consisted in the installation of 10,5 kV (33 kV) power cables between the diesel generators and their connection to the grid (equalization of voltage fluctuations in the network during failures). In the same way installation was carried out at two other locations in the Slovak Republic.

The reasons for using the chutes were:

  • mechanical properties of cable gutters - long service life,
  • used gutter material - PVC retarded,
  • firm fixation of the lid against opening,
  • easy laying of gutters and power cables,
  • Enhanced compact protection even when ripped apart by shape parts,
  • Increased alert function - Colored lid design.

The troughs are stored in several layers according to the location and number of lines to each DG.