FDC connection to the grid Ostrava

FDC connection to the grid Ostrava

Investor name: Ferona, a.s., Havlíčkova čp. 1043/11, 111 82 Praha 1

Name of the company: Elektro Mikšík s r.o., Opavská 573, 793 12 Horní Benešov

Period and location of realization: Ferona - Dividing Center, a.s., Plzeňská 18, 709 65 Ostrava 3

Year: 2009

CWS product specification: Cable trays Zekan 4Název realizační firmy: Elektro Mikšík s r.o., Opavská 573, 793 12 Horní Benešov


Brief description of the event:

Installation of high voltage power cables for the need of newly constructed modern lines for welded and rolled steel profiles.

The use of ZEKAN cable gutters was due to their mechanical resistance as a complete replacement of concrete troughs, with their advantages of easy handling and long service life

Another reason was the lightweight, lightweight handling of massive power cables, rather than the use of unbundled pads. The ZEKAN cable trays have been used in places where mechanical protection has to be provided in exposed areas with heavy truck or other freight traffic.

The gutters are stored in several rows under the walking and running surfaces and also used as additional protection for existing lines in newly built access points - compared to other pads of this type, their cost due to their massive expansion is very acceptable. Moreover, for the need to increase the cable route, besides the filled trays, one order was left empty as a reserve.