Photovoltaic power plant Unkovice

Photovoltaic power plant Unkovice

General supplier: EL-INSTA CZECH s.r.o., Jizdarenska 227, 664 62 Hrusovany near Brno

Name of the implementing company: Elkat a.s., Zaoralova, 628 00 Brno

Period and location of realization: Construction of photovoltaic power plant Unkovice (Brno - venkov)

Year: 2010

CWS company product specifications: DEKAB cable coversNázev realizační firmy: Elkat a.s., Zaoralova, 628 00 Brno

Brief description of the event:

Laying of cable cover plates instead of previously applied bricks (concrete plates) in combination with foil on the main HV connection to connect the photovoltaic park to the EoN distribution system.

Reasons for use:

  1. Lower direct costs per 1m of cover elements,
  2. easy handling and installation speed significantly contribute to reducing the costs of marking HV routes,
  3. the long lifetime of the marking materials without reducing the visual function but also mechanical protection of the HV routes.