Rebuilding the Brno railway junction

Rebuilding the Brno railway junction


Investor name: SŽDC s.o., Dlážděná 1003/7, 110 00 Praha 1

Name of the company: OHL ŽS a.s., AŽD Praha a.s.

Period and location of realization: the Brno Railway Station-Horní Heršpice area

Year: 2009

CWS product specification: Cable trays Zekan 1 and Zekan 4

Reasons for rebuilding:

  • insufficient capacity,
  • the age of the railway node.

Preparatory work on the construction of a new passenger terminal in the southern part of the city began in Brno. As part of the planned reconstruction of the railway junction, the statutory city of Brno endeavors to make two routes Berlin - Prague - Brno - Vienna and Vienna - Brno - Ostrava - Katowice.

The routes considered are also included among the priority international routes of the TEN (Trans-European Transport Network). The main moves of international transport of persons and goods cross over the CR in the north - south direction (Scandinavia - Germany, Poland - Czech Republic - Austria, Hungary - Italy, Balkan) and West - East (France, Germany, Slovakia - Ukraine, Russia.

Brief description of the event:

Installation of optical and power cables for the need of remote control of signaling and security systems at the Brno railway junction. As with many other rail installations, the mechanical properties of the cable gutters together with a firm fixation of the lid, all at a minimum weight, contribute significantly to the reduction of transport costs and, in particular, the entire construction of the track.

The troughs are stored in several rows in close conjunction with the laid rails + due to the need for the greatest possible throughput of the route on a small section, the cable trays are used for 100% capacity.